If you are experiencing a lot of tooth pain, you may think that going to the emergency room is your best option to get the dental care you need. But actually, that’s usually not the case! In this blog, Fischl Dental Associates will explain why going to the ER is rarely the best option for most patients.

Why It’s Not A Good Idea To Go To The ER For Tooth Pain

So, why not go to the ER? After all, it’s where you would go if you had a broken arm or some other serious health problem. What makes the ER a bad place to get dental care? 

  • Tooth pain is rarely extremely dangerous or life-threatening – While dental emergencies are very serious, they are not usually dangerous or life-threatening except in extreme circumstances. ERs are intended to handle very serious and complex health problems, and not dental emergencies. If you try to visit the ER with a toothache, you may just be sent home.
  • They usually don’t have dentists on staff – Most ERs don’t have dentists on staff, though they may have a few on call. This means that even if you can get dental care at the ER, you’ll probably have to wait longer than you would if you just saw an emergency dentist in the first place.
  • Care is much more expensive – The average cost of an ER visit for even a minor issue is over $1,389, and that’s just for the portion charged to patients. Getting emergency dental care from a dentist is much cheaper than going to the ER.

You Should Only Go To The ER If You Think Your Life Is At Risk

There are very few situations when you need to go to the ER for tooth pain. We recommend using your best judgment, and only going to the ER if you genuinely believe you have a life-threatening oral condition.

For example, if you break your jaw in an accident and have trouble breathing or swallowing, this is a serious emergency and you obviously need to go to the ER. Or, if you have an infected tooth and have noticed signs of the infection spreading through the rest of your body, such as nausea, fever, severe headache, double vision, or facial swelling, you should go to the ER.
If you’re still not sure what to do, we recommend calling Fischl Dental Associates at (847) 864-0822. Dr. Paul Fischl, Dr. Marie Bradley Fischl, or Dr. Lorenzo Prieto can advise you on whether or not you should come to our office or go to the ER, and ensure you get the help you need right away.

Got A Dental Emergency? Come To Fischl Dental Associates Now

As we’ve outlined above, it’s not usually a good idea to go to the ER For tooth pain and other dental emergencies unless you have reason to believe the issue is life-threatening. But if you are having a dental emergency in Evanston, you do need to get the appropriate care as soon as possible.
Getting immediate care reduces your risk of complications, improves your outcome, and ensures you get peace of mind and relief from tooth pain. So contact Fischl Dental online or give us a call at (847) 864-0822 to schedule your appointment. We’re always here to help with same-day emergency dental care.