Another highly technical digital tool used by Fischl Dental Associates is the intraoral digital video camera. The tiny device is a video camera that moves around inside the mouth and generates a tooth by tooth video exam. The images can be stored and later enlarged and printed if necessary.

As it is difficult to see inside your mouth, the intraoral camera provides a previously unseen magnified view. The pen-sized camera features a disposable cover to prevent contamination and is completely safe and painless to use. As the camera moves around the mouth, it sends video images to a computer that displays them on a monitor. The images can then be viewed by both the doctor and patient. Using the intraoral camera allows the patient to better understand their needs by seeing what the dentist sees, as well as having it explained.

Since the intraoral camera generates images that are stored enlarged and analyzed, often dental problems can be caught in their early stages. Once treatment options are discussed and agreed upon, our intraoral camera can be used to effectively track treatment progress. The digital images allow us to:

  • Provide a higher standard of care for our patients
  • Help detect cavities and fractured teeth
  • Evaluate the condition of existing¬†restorations¬†under high magnification
  • Provide documentation for insurance claims
  • Properly inform and educate our patients
  • Visually observe hard-to-see areas of the mouth
  • Document and monitor dental problems

If you have questions about our advanced technology, please contact the team at Fischl Dental Associates for more information. (847)448-1684